Current Opportunities

I consider mentoring young scientists as one of the greatest perks of being a faculty member. Regardless of your academic stage, if you are interested in learning how to develop and apply geophysical and computational tools to understand our changing cryosphere, I welcome you to email me to learn more about current openings and opportunities.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Prospective postdocs should contact Dr. Winnie Chu by email and share their CV and a brief description of collaboration plans. Currently, I have funding available for postdocs through two routes:

2-years specific project position
The postdoc will work on a project funded by Heising-Simons Foundation. This project focuses on the geophysical investigation of the englacial firn aquifer system at Helheim Glacier in East Greenland. Best positioned for success are individuals with field experience, technical skills in radar-sounding, and computer programming. Candidates with prior experiences in EM or seismic analysis are also welcome. More detail about this project can be found here.
3-years general position
I have internal funding to support a 3-year postdoc who has broad background aligned with my research group interest in glacial hydrology, ice-ocean interaction, geophysical analysis, remote sensing methods, and model-data integration. Prospective postdocs can email me their CV and brief project plans to discuss potential collaboration.
Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students interested in working in the Glacier Geophysics Group should contact Dr. Winnie Chu by email. The email should include a CV, a brief description of career goals, why they want to go to graduate school, and whether they are interested in an MSc. or Ph.D. Georgia Tech EAS graduate application deadline is January 1st, and a GRE score is recommended but not required. Please see the EAS department website here to learn more about MSc. or Ph.D. programs in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences and application requirements. Our department also offers an ocean science and engineering program. Interested students can check out this page to learn more about the OSE program.

Undergraduate Students

Depending on research fit and availability of projects, the Glacier Geophysics group offers undergraduate research opportunities to pursue credit-based or paid-independent research. Please email Dr. Winnie Chu to ask more about thesis or non-thesis-based research opportunities. Other undergraduate funding opportunities are also available through the EAS Rutt Bridges Award, the College of Sciences PURA fund, and the NSF Summer REU program. Please consult this page to learn more about funding opportunities.